“Match your panties and your bra, get your ish together.”

—T.I. (“Get Your Sh@! Together”/Urban Legend)

T.I. guilted us into thinking it was normal. Victoria Secret makes millions off women’s desire to do so fabulously. And women everywhere believe that men desire and expect it. But I have two questions 1) do women really match their panties and bras together? And 2) Do men really expect it?

To keep it 100, I rarely match my china on a daily basis (S/O to L. Frank for the metaphor). Maybe that’s because I’ve been chill on the extracurriculars of dating for awhile. But as someone who seeks to please hubby once I’ve been wifed up, I need to know if this is expected. So I turned to my twitter fam for some feedback. Here’s what they had to say. I didn’t include the names because I didn’t want these responses to come back and “bite” you, but if you want credit for your statements, please hit me up, and I will give it.

Ladies’ Replies

  • “Sometimes.”
  • “Sometimes and my man doesn’t care!”
  • “Eff dat ish…I wear granny panties…I wish a nucca would!!!!”
  • “I effs with the granny’s as well. Thongs = unsanitary.”
  • “Sure do…but I do it for me not him.”
  • “I do if it’s a pattern, but not for solids.”
  • “Hell… Lemme say this men…Matching underwear doesn’t make the cookie better…Just sayin…”
  • “I usually match solid color bras w/ printed panties so no matter what color the panties are the bra has at least 1 of the colors. #easy
  • “I mean I want dudes to get off that too. I can’t work 12 hours a day in a matching lace set. Lol.”
  • I don’t do “sexy underwear”. Nine times out of ten, I got on Underoos and crazy socks under my designer dress. I’m still sexy.”
  • “Real men are comfortable with real women… that wear bloomers to bed….”

Gentlemen’s Replies

  • “Heck no, especially if it’s a five star dinner.”
  • “Eh…doesn’t matter all the time…it would be nice to match occasionally…”
  • “But it certain can set the scene.”

So the overall consensus is while the dishes can add to the ambience, they definitely don’t make the meal. Women want to be comfortable; men want to be pleased. If matching china appears on the dinner table every now and then, that’s a bonus.

My advice: ladies, every now and then go that extra mile. Match the dishes. Gentleman, Pretty packaging doesn’t equate to tasty (or clean) cookies! In the words of one of my favorite tweeters, “Dudes talking about the dishes, instead of the meal. Eff around and need your stomach pumped.”

What say you, readers? How necessary is it for the dishes to always match?