In my head, I’m like Oprah. And while I don’t have the money or connects to hook you up with all these things, I can give you some tips on what to get the diva in your life. And if you’re not buying for her, feel free to ship the items to me.

Here’s the deal, each day for the next 12 days I’m going to release a shopping list that any diva would absolutely adore. Use it! Buy it! Ship it to me! Let’s stimulate this economy! So in honor of cyber Monday, let the shopping began!!!

1 Apple iPad

I wasn’t sold immediately upon the iPad’s release. I mean seriously, why did I need a really big iPhone?!?!? My little one was good enough, right?!?!?! But just like with every other product, Apple wins.

I was sold as I sat in jury duty. We were going through the selection process. Yes, I had my iphone, a book, and my notepad for writing, but the guy next to me had his iPad. Everything I had, he did too, and his was much cooler and better packaged than mine. Why was I lugging all this crap around when I could just carry an iPad? Plus he could watch movies, type documents, and illions of other things I couldn’t with his iPad. That was the moment I decided I wanted an iPad. And there’s been no turning back.

Apple iPad

Price: $499-$829

Suggestion: If you’re going to get one, go all out! Get the 64 GB iPad with 3G access.

Special: Apple’s offering free shipping, engraving, and gift wrapping! Wooooo-hooooo!!!!