Book: Who Switched Off My Brain

Chapter Two: What Is A Toxic Thought?

Author: Dr. Caroline Leaf


To answer directly: YES!!!!

I’m sure you know from life experience that all thoughts are stored in your mind. And attached to these thoughts are moods and attitudes. Positive thoughts are attached to positive attitudes, and these positive attitudes cause the correct amount of chemical secretion to come from the brain and positively affect the body’s cells. However, when you have negative thoughts, they cause negative attitudes, and the natural flow of chemical secretions is interrupted. So if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, you are constantly interrupting the brain’s flow of chemical secretions which will ultimately affect your body’s health and ability to produce healthy cells. These toxic thoughts will most definitely have a toxic effect on your physical health.

But when does a thought becomes toxic? Thoughts become toxic once they trigger negative and anxious emotions. These emotions trigger biochemicals that cause stress, and these biochemicals are stored in the mind and in the cells of the body. Stress stored in your body’s cells = illness and health problems. We’ve all heard of people gaining weight and falling ill due to an abundance of stress occurring in their lives. Luckily for us, we can change and improve our health by thinking positive and giving our brains the opportunity to produce the correct chemical secretions needed to produce healthy cells throughout the body. And we can also improve our health by renewing our minds and disassociating negative emotions with specific thoughts.

Personally, I need to learn how to properly renew my mind. There are some thoughts that come to mind which instantly entangle my stomach in knots and cause my heart to race. I don’t want to be forever in bondage to these thoughts. And I don’t want my physical health to be harmed because of these experiences. I’m sure you have similar emotions and experiences. I’m determined to transform my mind and rid myself of this stress and anxiety. Are you?