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Weezy on LeBron (No Homo)

From the concrete walls of Rikers, Weezy is finally speaking on LeBron moving to the Miami Heat. What do you think this die hard Kobe fan has to say?

10 Messiest Hip Hop and R&B Breakups

Hip Hop and R&B breakups aren’t always pretty. Check out Vibe’s list of the 10 Messiest!

Black Parents + White Baby = Me Confused

I was confused when I read this. In fact, I’m still confused. Someone, help me out please?

EMT Who Refuses to Help Pregnant Woman Murdered

This is a sad story. Street justices or sad irony?


Five Things I Don’t Understand About Women (Language NSFW)

This dude is hilarious as he explains (and acts out the 5 things he doesn’t understand about women! As a woman, I must confess, we do most of what he’s talking about.