I get links ALL DAY long, so I’ve decided to compose a list of the best links that cross my inbox! Check out these hot posts! Hope they inspire and entertain you as much as they did me! Happy reading/viewing!

Marriage Bed: What is Not Okay in Bed

I found this article intriguing. Good Christian folks often try so hard to be holy that they fail to enjoy the gift that is sex. These guidelines are all Bible based with supporting scripture.

Don’t Fall For the Trap by Victoria Osteen

This article hit me in the throat! It made me re-evaluate some decisions I’ve been making. Maybe I’m holding on to some things that I need to let go of. I definitely don’t want to get caught in the monkey trap. To the prayer closet I go…sigh! 🙂

How Feminism Did NOT Kill My Sexy

Are guys really not attracted to intellectual women? Do men use women for their intellectual stimulation by mindscrewing them and then placing them in the friend zone? My Spelman sis, Saida Grundy, does something I’ve never seen her do, defend men, while exploring how feminists can be intellectual and sexy concurrently. The language is mature, so read with caution.

Frank Ski’s Exclusive Interview with Big Meech’s Mom

“I think I’m Big Meech…Larry Hoover!” Frank Ski sat down with the mother of Big Meech, the infamous head of the BMF group who serving 30 years, for her perspective on Rick Ross’s “BMF” and her unwavering support of her son. For background information, check out Mara Shalhoup’s Creative Loafing profile.

Nina Brown’s Vision Board Party

I’ve written about vision boards before. I absolutely love the concept, and I love Nina Brown for hosting this brunch party! I plan on attending and hope to see you there!