As Trey Songz prepares to release his fourth studio album, Passion, Pain, & Pleasure, on September 14th, his first single, “Bottoms Up” is making its rounds on the internet. Despite the many puns being made regarding the song’s title and Trey’s sexuality, “Mr. Steal Your Girl” *side eye* has received a great response to this single thus far.

With its catchy club beat, “Bottoms Up” lyrics explore a ballers night of drinking. The song, reminiscent of “Say Aah”, features Nicki Minaj who lyrically kills the track, and in the opinion of many, out shines Trey!

Check out Trey’s newest single for yourself by clicking here.

P.S. I still can’t take the “Mr. Steal Your Girl” part seriously! Really, Trey?!?!