Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeBron James greet Miami Heat fans.

If u live your Life on other people[‘s] watch, u will always miss the moment that’s put right in front of u!—Lebron James (via Twitter @KingJames 1:10 AM Jul 11th via UberTwitter)

I’m extremely sick of talking about LeBron, the Cav owner, Dan Gilbert, is a prick, and I rarely agree with ANYTHING Jesse Jackson says; however, I must take some time to express how right on Jackson was with his recent assessment of the James/Gilbert situation.

When I first read Dan Gilbert’s open letter to the Cavalier fans, I was disgusted. My first thought was, “That was a chick move.” He sounded so much like a scorned woman venting after being jilted by a heartless lover. The letter came off as so female I almost felt sorry for Gilbert.  But as I continued to read, Gilbert put me in the mind of a slave master pleading for the return of his runaway slave while planting Willie Lynch seeds of hatred and division.

Many think that individuals who make millions can’t be considered slaves, but I would beg to differ. While most people relate slavery with a person’s economic standing, I would argue that there’s more to enslavement than money. In fact slavery is more about freedom than it is about money.

More of us are slaves than we would ever like to admit. We don’t have the freedom to enjoy the money we endlessly work for because we are drowning in debt. We don’t have the freedom to enjoy our lives because we are too busy competing with the Jones and trying to get what they have or do what they’re doing. We don’t have the freedom to be who we are because we are slaves to the thoughts and opinions of people around us. And we don’t have the freedom to do what we truly love because we are too busy doing what’ll make us the most money.

If we honestly examine ourselves, we’ve all allowed ourselves to become slaves to bills, stuff, people, or jobs. We’ve all been controlled by something that keeps us from being who we truly meant to be…that keeps us from enjoying the life we’ve been giving.

I think we all should take the time to examine our situations. Who or what are you enslaved to? Who have you sacrificed your joy and freedom to please? What have you traded your happiness to have?

While I don’t necessarily agree with the way Lebron went about changing teams, I do love the fact that he got his freedom papers. He stepped away from all the people and things that were attempting to tie him down and hold him back and began a new journey of success…one where he was in control of his happiness and his future. I plan on spending the next few days evaluating the things and people I am enslaved to. And like King James, and Mase (remember that, lol), I plan on getting my freedom papers so that I control the success that is my future. And I challenge you to do the same.

Since I originally wrote this blog, Zydrunas “Big Z” Ilgauskas has also gotten his freedom papers from the Cavs. *Awaits another angry outburst from Master Gilbert although the $100,000 fine from the NBA commissioner may detour it.*