There are four things I love in this world: 1) hip hop, 2) Complex Magazine, 3) Twitter & 4) the Pause Police. And when these four things combine, I’m in entertainment heaven.

To start off, if you’re not on Twitter, you should be. It’s where ALL the latest news breaks first. Be a part. Don’t get left behind *smile*.

And if you are on Twitter, you should be following @pausepolice.

Who are the Pause Police? Glad you asked. According to Complex Magazine, a pause is an interjection meant to clarify the unintentional use of homo-erotic language, and the Pause Police are the people who prosecute these unfortunate offenders.

Example, if a guy were to say, “My dude put in work on the basketball court,” it would be necessary for him to interject a *pause*to ensure no one misinterpreted his statement. If you somehow forget to pause your statement, the Pause Police is there to sentence you for your crime, usually against the Twitter community. Hilarious to watch, yet painful to be sentenced.

Recently, Complex Magazine collaborated with Twitter’s overnight sensation, the Pause Police, to pronounce stiff *pause* (it doesn’t really work when you’re a girl, but you get the drift) sentences over hip hop’s top 69 offenders. Who knew the most homophobic people in the world (rappers) would have some many pauses? And you’ll never guess who has the most…and then maybe you will Baby, Baby!!! Because he’s a Bad Boy for life!!!

Check out Complex’s “69 Most Pause Worthy Lyrics in Hip Hop History.” You’re sure to be entertained.

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