Life is a lot like math…as long as you know the principle and equations, you can solve the problem—no matter how complicated it appears to be.

I got into a slight altercation with a friend this weekend because I criticized someone’s actions regarding their marriage. I’m not sure if she felt I was trying to be a “know-it-all” or if she just found me unqualified to make the statement since I’m not married, but the conversation ended with her saying, “What do you know? Where’s your husband?”

That was suppose to go for the jugular, but at some point the truth stops hurting, so I just laughed it off. However, the whole incident did get me to thinking. Did my lack of marital experience real disqualify me from giving sound marital advice?

I’ve always been taught that you should act like where you want to be because ultimately you attract what you put out. (On the real, do you want to see how you appear to other people? Look at your circle of friends. That’s what people think of you—good, bad, or ugly). Based on this teaching, when I decided I wanted to get married, I went to my guidebook for life (the Bible) and began studying the principles it laid out for marriage. Thus every belief and idea I have on marriage is based on what the Bible says it should be.

I say all of this to say, as great as practical experience may be, having the right answers isn’t the key to life if you don’t know how to do the work to solve the problem. You know you heard that in math classes. High level math books always have the answers in the back of the book, but writing those answers never guarantee you an A in the class. You have to prove that you have a comprehension of the principles behind the problem.

I’m confident that I can handle any situation life throws at me. Not because I have previous experience in every particular situation, but because I have an understanding of God’s principles of life. Whatever problem that comes up in my life, I simply pull out my guidebook, apply the correct principle, and solve the problem accordingly. Sounds pretty simple, right?

So the next time you ask me for advice, please don’t think I’m trying to be a “know-it-all” or even Dr. Phil. I’m not. I’m simply sharing with you the principles of God that I live by. They work for me, and they’ve work for millions before me, so I’m sure they will work for you if you work them.

Today’s Tips

  • You want to go to a different place in life or take on a different role? Learn God’s principles for that position. God lays out principles for every imaginable situation in the Bible. It’s just up to you to read and learn the principles.
  • While the Bible should be your foundation for learning life’s principles, don’t be afraid to pick up other materials—just make sure is doesn’t contradict God’s Word. God’s Word and principles are true and should not be supplemented with contradictory materials. For example, the Bible states that we should all be honest in our business dealings, so if another resources states that business men may have to bend the truth in business dealings, you should immediately reject that work because it contradicts what God has said about the issue.
  • Take the time to read and learn God’s principles. I feel prepared for life because every day I read God’s Word and study more principles. Therefore, I know how to handle life when it comes at me. Trust me, when I don’t indulge in the Word before life grabs a hold of me, I feel like crap, and the results are usually crap as well.
  • As you prepare to vote in the upcoming election, ask yourself, “Who is principled enough to make the right decision in every situation?”