Do you want to know how ignorant people in America are? Read the comments following blogs and online news postings. Ok, so here’s how the story plays out. Rapper Saigon had some sort of altercation with hip hop group Mobb Deep. Apparently, he decided it was best that he hit and run, LITERALLY!!! Janee Bolden interviewed him for her Sirrus radio show, where Saigon brags about punching “a lot of rappers in their face.” Janee follows up with the snide remark, “Then you run.” That set Saigon off, and he began to talk mad crap to her. He even went as far to threaten to beat her down. But that’s not the worse part.

As I read the comments, I was extremely disturbed by the fact that numerous negroes seem to think it’s justifiable to put their hands on a woman. The comments were crazy!!!

“Whoever thinks that a man should NEVER come at a female is obviously not from any big city, hood or anything similar. He felt disrespected, what did you want him to to. If he didnt say anything you would writing an article on how he’s a pu$$y and this and that. Being a female does not give you the right to do and say as you please. GET REAL”


I guess I missed the memo, but when did it become ok to put your hands on a woman under any circumstances. I agree, some chicks can get out of pocket and push negroes to their limit, but last time I checked REAL MEN walk away, run away, or do whatever it takes to get the hell out of dodge. Any man who would lay his hands on a woman, despite the circumstances, is not a man, has no respect for himself, and needs to up his self-esteem. That’s disrespect at the highest. Yes, women should not push men’s button or hit men, etc. But a man is nothing if he puts his hands on a woman. And one who tries to justify it is even less. Grow the hell up, negroes, and learn some respect. GROW SOME BALLS AND START ACTING LIKE REAL MEN!!!!
Check out the clip here.