Television shows with people who look like me are few and far in between. Yes, you can catch New York on VH1 acting a fool, and there are a good number of half-naked women shaking their butts on BET and MTV who my favor me. There are even a couple of comedies that I love with beautiful black women and men. (Sidebar: I absolutely love UPN’s The Game, Girlfriends, and All of Us). You will even find some wonderful actors playing great roles on Grey’s Anatomy, ER, and other good dramas. But have you noticed that their aren’t any good television dramas focused around the African American community. I am so proud to announce that those days are over. And it is one of my Spelman sisters who is responsible for bring this era to an end.

Kathleen McGee-Anderson, Spelman College class of 1972, is no stranger to the film industry. McGee-Anderson worked as a writer and consulting producer for Showtime’s Soul Food, the longest running Black dramatic series in television history. She was also an original writer and consulting producer for the Lifetimes series Any Day Now and worked with the series 413 Hope Street and Touched by an Angel.

McGee-Anderson is now the producer of Lincoln Heights, the only black family drama (that I know of) on television today. The show debuts Monday, January 8 on ABC Family at 7pm EST. Please check this show out and support my sister, your sister, our sister.