25 Things I know for sure…

As I approach my 25th birthday, I’m embracing the fact that I’m officially grown. In these short 25 years of life, I’ve experienced a lot. And through these experiences, there are a couple of things that I now know for sure. See below:

25) Relationships only work when each person involved properly communicates their needs, listens to the others needs, and attempts to give what is needed. Sounds simple, but is extremely complicated.

24) True friends don’t have to talk everyday or even regularly. They just have to be there when needed.

23) Destiny is real, and there is a such thing as a soul mate.

22) It is possible to overcome heartbreak and truly love and trust again.

21) Men are the foundation of the world we live in, but women make men who they are.

20) A mother’s legacy is in the life of her children. Nothing is more beautiful than never meeting a woman, but knowing, deep in your heart, that she was a great and beautiful person by witnessing the life her kids lead, especially when they are men.

19) God is truly faithful. Everything He says will happen. Rather you want it to or not.

18) Nothing is more beautiful than Black love…when done right.

17) Everything you’re supposed to be, do, become is inside of you. You get screwed up when you begin listening and believing everything that is being said on the outside of you.

16) There’s a difference between going to church, being saved, and falling in love with Jesus and making Him the Lord of your life. True power comes not with being saved, but with crowning Him Lord of your life.

15) If a man can’t say that a woman has made him a better man, he’s never had a woman worth his time. Likewise, if a woman can’t say a man made her a better woman, she’s never had a man worth her time.

14) Men can truly love you, yet cheat on you like a dog. But no woman should settle for that man.

13) Lust, deep like, and adoration are all emotions. They have the ability to change at any moment. But unconditional love is a choice. You decide when you start and when you stop loving someone unconditional.

12) OJ Simpson is truly an idiot.

11) Reminiscing over the past does nothing for your future. Dreaming about the future, does nothing for your present. But being content where you are is the secret to a joyful life.

10) Just because you love him, does not mean you’re suppose to be with him. It may be time for you to walk away and never look back.

9) The most difficult times in life are actually the greatest times in life. They are the times you are forced to grow, man-up (yes, I tell women to man up all the time), and become the person you were meant to be.

8) I met some of the greatest people in my life at Spelman and Morehouse.

7) There is no greater task than raising a black man…alone.

6) Women are physically impossible of being sex buddies. We catch feelings…end of discussion. You can deny it or even lie to yourself, but at the end of the day feelings are still caught.

5) The people who hurt you throughout life are the ones who do the most for you. They challenge you. They force you to evaluate, modify and change your ideas on love, lust, family and friendship. They mold and shape who you will become…hopeful for the better.

4) You only begin to live life once you overcome your fear of death.

3) The most difficult thing in the world is when you have no one to talk to about what’s really going on in your life. It hurts to realize you’re surrounded by “friends” but none of them can understand where you are, what you’re doing, or why you’re doing. No one can simply be an ear without commenting, offering opinions or judging you.

2) When a man wants you nothing can keep him away, but when he doesn’t want you, nothing will make him stay…not good sex, not good head, not making yourself his dream girl, not the spaghetti trick, not nothing.

1) If you get quiet and listen inside of yourself, God will tell you the plans He has for your life, and then all hell will break loose and it will look like God’s promises will never happen. Finally, when you get content with where you are, He’ll step in and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Get quite and listen. The truth is inside of you.