I was watching A Different World today, and I thought, “Dang, I miss the AUC!!!” There’s nothing quite like the HBCU experience: the good and the bad, the fun and the ig’nant (Yes, I meant to spell it that way. Y’all know you get ig’nant). The Friday before last was the first (and the last) warm day of the year. As I walked across the yard at Kennesaw State University, I noticed the students (predominately white) walking around campus in shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. No big deal, right? You see the same thing at Kennesaw State in the middle of December. You learn how to live with it. Cameron and I were just on campus Wednesday laughing at the people walking around in the freezing cold in shorts and flip flops. (Yes, even my six year old son thought it was funny.)

Anyways, that warm spring day made me wish I was in the AUC. If I was there I could guarantee you there would be a beer bash at Washington Park. All the greeks would be there decked out in ‘nalia stepping, hopping, spinning, and most importantly DRINKING!!! Guys would pull up in freshly washed rides and their newest fits, while the girls would be dressed to a T in capri pants, stiletto heels, and designer shades. Just when my mind was emerged in the AUC experience, I turned the corner and blew my high. There on Kennesaw State’s green were about 20 students barefoot in shorts and T-shirts playing Frisbee. I almost died laughing. “This is definitely not the AUC!!!” I thought. First, we aren’t allowed to walk on our green, let alone play on it. Secondly, the first warm day of the year is used to do many things, and Frisbee is never one of them. Wow, I really am living in a different world now!!!