December 11, 2005…in 21 days a new year will begin. What is this new year to bring??? I’m excited to find out. I know that everything I’ll get out of this upcoming year is already in me. I just have to cultivate it and bring it out. So to ensure that everything inside of me that’s suppose to come out does, I’m going to set obtainable goals for this upcoming year. No…these are not new year’s resolutions. No one ever keeps those, so why would I even set myself up for failure. These are goals for myself. I think they are pretty reasonable, but I guess we will all see around next year this time. So here goes…

Kia’s Top 30 for 2006
For God
1. In addition to my tithes, I will give an offering and a love offering every time I go to church
2. Give Him the first day of every month
3. Begin and end each day spending time with Him
4. Bless and exhort those around me
5. Join a ministry at church and work in it faithfully
6. Write an Easter play
For Others
7. Start A Woman’s Worth program
8. Start a non-profit group for urban youth
9. Write my first book (It helps others get the most out of life)
10. Publish my back to school article (It helps others get the most out of school)
11. Volunteer once a month
12. Mentor someone
13. Plan, implement, and host the youth conference in my hometown (G-Town STAND UP!!!)
14. Completely change someone’s position in life
For Myself
15. Make $2,000 per week
16. Workout 3 days a week…I’m determined to have Janet Jackson’s body
17. Have a syndicated column
18. See a play on Broadway
19. Finish grad school
20. Write a business plan for my clothing boutique
21. Take some courses in counseling
22. Have my house fully decorated and furnished
23. Have a financial advisor (I will never again be in the financial mess that I’m in now.)
24. Read 2 non-school books per month (1 for self-improvement and 1 for entertainment)
25. Hit up the M-I-A (I’m going with or without my girls)
26. Attend a couple of conferences
27. Go to AKA regionals and stock up on ‘nalia…and buy at least one strand of pearls (the old heads in my chapter make me look bad)
28. Go on a shopping spree for me and my son where money ain’t a thang (I will have to have my financial advisor before this.)
29. Become a team mom, room mom, PTA mom or something of the sort
30. Take a vacation with just me and my son
Bonus: Go out and have more fun…my friends say I’m getting old. (Go figure!?!?!)
So there you have. Wish me luck. I’ll give you guys an update on the 2nd of every month.