Check this out. I stole it off of a guy’s Facebook wall. I’m not from Atlanta, but I am familiar with a majority of the things listed below. Partly because I indulged myself in the ATL culture once I got here 5 years ago, and partly because I grew up two hours away and the ATL culture made its way to Gadsden, AL. Check it out and see how much you remember. P.S. I really have no explanation for the missing numbers.

If you are really from ATLANTA u will answer yes to all these statements.
-Remember when the only area codes were 404 and 770
-You know who Chris Luva Luva is
-You remember Kilo Ali, Raheem the Dream and Willie B
-Been to Magic or AMC @ Southlake
-You remember Stewart Avenue and Ashby Street
-You remember listenin’ to who da crunkest and who da lamest
-You remember Who U WIT from Golden Glide, Sparkles or Skate Town
-You knew what Krunk meant before 6th grade -You’ve been to Birthday Bash
-You remember Esso, 559, MBK, The Gate
-You’ve been to high school football games at Lakewood
-You remember when battle of the bands was at morris brown
-You remember Freaknik
-You remember when Outkast actually were strictly rappers
-You remember the Greg Street theme song
-You remember when Underground was actually the spot
-You remember when V-103.3 was the only station in town
1. You knew bout Lil Jon before he got on TV.
2. You know Ludacris as Cris Luva Luva
3. You remember when 107.9 was 97.5
4. You remember Ryan Cameron from V-103
5. You remember “Diggin It” or “Dishin It”
6. You remeber when Deon played for the Falcons and the Braves
7. You know that at the Douglas vs. Mays football game…somebody gettin’ shot
8. You remember the good ole Battle of the Bands when SWD used to be the best without a doubt.
10. You remember Jim Crow…..Holla at a Playa!!!
11. You remember “U-Way” “85” and “Shake Em Off”
14. You remember the songs “Cocaine” “Donkey Kong” and “Whitehorse”
15. You got offended when the Welcome to Atlanta remix had people not from the A on it.
17. You know that “Head Bussa” and “Neva Eva” are AT LEAST 3 years old
18. You know that it would be a waste of your 40k education to be hangin’ out on Bankhead Hwy if you don’t know nobody…cuz you know how them bankhead niggas act…u just might die!
19. You remember Carver Homes before they got fixed up
20. You remember Stewart Avenue before it turned into Metropolitan
22. You know about 5 Points
24. You know that going to Magic to enjoy a movie is pointless…cuz u know how the niggaz up in there be actin’!!!!
25. You call everybody Shawty regardless of their size
26. You remember when “tight” came out
27. You remember Raheem the Dream
32. You know niggas wit Rims that cost more than their car
33. You think JJs rib shack and the Beautiful are some of Atlanta’s finest dining
34. You know that West End Mall ain’t got nothin but sneakers and baby clothes
35. You know South Dekalb is supposed to be the upscaled Greenbriar
36. You know that don’t nobody shop at Greenbriar on the weekends…cuz niggaz too busy flossin’ in they cars.
38. You know not to act a fool in East Point cuz the cops don’t PLAY shawty!
42.You get out of school if the temperature gets below 18 degrees
43. You believe that the most it should ever snow is once a year…and ONLY if you’re gonna get out of school because of it.
44.You went to the filming of Drumline
45. You remember when Club Kaya and Frozen Paradise were the hotspots even though you were too young to go.
48.You remember the Bankhead Bounce and you remember when it had all kind of variations (the driving motion or fishing motion)
51. You use shawty and folk in EVERY sentence.
52. Da only lyrical content you worry about comes from tha hook
53. U keep a pair of white and black Reeboks and Ones 55. U got at least 5 hats with an “A” on em
57. U know about Big Oomp and how he still got Baby D and Intoxicated working in the Discount Mall selling his CD’s even though both them niggaz been making hits in the A since middle school.
58. U use to rock the hell outta some Saucony’s
60. You would fill ur tank up and JUST RIDE,
61. U Wear ya hats off tha top of ya heads
62. U remember the blizzard of ’93
64. U remember when the braves actually WON the world series in 95′
67. You ever been shopping at the Discount Mall. …
68. You can walk 5 minutes in any direction and see 10 Beauty Supply stores on the way. …
70. You’ve ever spent hours upon hours explaining to these NY folk why the “A” is just so damn CRUNK …. !.
72. You knew it wouldn’t be long before these wack a$$ folks realized just how crunk Da A was!!!!!!!!
73. You remember the Omni
74. You went to the Zoo to see Willie B
75. You got friends wit colors as nicknames…(Black, Red, and Blue)
76. You’ve been kicked off da Marta
78. You remember people beatin’ on the tables and freestylin’ while niggaz was “tickin'”
79. You couldn’t wait to turn 21 so you could go to Vision
80. You like your freeways to go in a complete circle around the city
81. You miss Freaknik
82. You’ve ever started a fight just cuz a Pastor Troy song came on
83.You and your boys go to Lenox on the weekends just to look at girls
85. You were wearing white tee’s waaaay before the song came out
87. If you remember “Shawty Swing My Way”
88. You listen to the Phat 7 at 7, then turn to V103 to hear the Top 8 at 8.
89. You remember and always will call it Bankhead, not Hollowell, and Hightower, not Hamilton E. Holmes.